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    Faye Naples

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    Hi Patrick:

        Terry and I returned home Monday night after completing the Hong Kong extension of our China Yangtze Holiday. I can't thank you enough for making our visit to China the trip of a lifetime. We have travelled a fair amount in Africa, Europe and South America but never have had the attention to detail that you provided. Each day was an adventure that far exceeded our expectations.

  • The trip included all the attractions we had on our bucket list but having a chance to ride in a rickshaw and go to a family's home for dinner, see the opera and the acrobats made it even more special.

    Terry's favorite was the Yangtze River cruise.

    The hotels were lovely and being able to sample the cuisine, including the Hotpot, in different locales added to the cultural experience.

    We also appreciated the history and insight into life in China that the local guides and you provided. Also loved most of your jokes.

    Other than that we enjoyed every moment of the trip.

    Hope to see you again on another adventure.

Faye  Naples