• Yangtze Deluxe Cruise, first launched in April 2013
  • Most competitive and deluxe fleet on the Yangtze river
  • View Stand with 360 degree field of view on the top floor of the cruise
  • Two-story hollowed-out dining hall with an extraordinary style
  • 230 deluxe cabins with private balcony
  • Luxurious president suites
  • Free access to every corner of the cruise
  • Perfect conference facilities with built-in-multifunctional simultaneous interpretation system
  • Full coverage of 3G mobile network
  • Deluxe Theater
  • C$60.00 per person upgrade to Executive Service Package on President Cruises

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Upgrade includes:

  • Upgrade to higher deck
  • Complimentary coffee, tea, and snacks during Happy Hour
  • Free drinks before dinner
  • Complimentary unlimited local wine, beer, and soft drink for lunch and dinner
  • Express check in and check out
  • Welcome fruit basket in cabin
  • VIP area will be reserved for evening entertainment
  • Free use of sauna and swimming pool
  • Two hours of free wifi each sailing

FREE UP grade to Executive Service Package

Book now and get a FREE upgrade to Executive Service Package (Value: C$60.00 per person)

The following upgrades will be included in the package:

  • Upgrade to higher deck.
  • Complimentary coffee, tea, and snacks during Happy Hour.
  • Free drinks before dinner.
  • Complimentary unlimited local wine, beer, and soft drink for lunch and dinner.
  • Express check-in and check-out.
  • Welcome fruit basket in cabin.
  • VIP area will be reserved for evening entertainment.
  • Free use of sauna and swimming pool.
  • Two hours of free wifi each sailing.
Length: 146.05M
Width: 20.6M
Draft: 2.7M
Speed: 26Km/Hr
Crew: 197
Passengers: 462
Presidential suites: 2 Suites (69.2m2)
Executive suites: 12 Suites (35.2m2)
Deluxe cabins: 216 Cabins (24.2m2)
Total Rooms: 230
Construction completed in: 2012


Famed by the wooden architecture complex laid on the mountain edge, and every floor of the wooden structure contains interesting artifacts.Read more

Optional Tour: Three Gorges Tribe Senic Spots

Customers will see the authentic local culture presented at the Village on the Water, the Brook-Side Village, the Mountain Village on the Three-Gorges Tribe Scenic Spot. The area has been officially designated as a “Preservation Center of traditional Culture and Art of the Three Gorges.Read more

Optional Tour: White Emperor City

It clings to the hills and cliffs of a peninper sular jutting out into the river. It is a miniature city of temples and gates on Baidi Hill. The city is well known as “the Poet’s City”, because it has been visited by many scholars in the past.Read more

Optional Tour: Fengdu Ghost City

Located on the north bank of the Yangtze River, Fengdu is an ancient city with a long history, known as the “Ghost City” to most Chinese people, it got its reputation as the “Ghost City” in the Eastern Han Dynasty (A.D. 25 – A.D. 220)Read more


Chongqing is a sprawling municipality at the confluence of the Yangtze and Jialing rivers in southwestern China. In the city center, the large, domed Great Hall of the People complex stands above pedestrianized People’s Square. On the other side of the square, the Three Gorges Museum features artifacts from the construction of the Three Gorges Read more


Yichang is a prefecture-level city located in western Hubei province, China. It is the second largest city in the province after the capital, Wuhan. The Three Gorges Dam is located within its administrative area, in Yiling District.Read more

Shennong Stream

Shennong Stream is one of the most famous parts along the Yangtze River. Passengers will take the wooden flat bottom boat to see the stunning scenery on both sides of the river and are still used. The traditional Qianfu craft are dragged along the river from the bank.Read more

Boarding Day

Boarding Day for MV President No. 7 & 8

5-Day (4-Night)
MV President No. 7 Every Saturday
MV President No. 8 Every Monday